Our mission is to assemble an online community and marketplace of the most exciting vendors and artisans from Renaissance Festivals across the country. A Renaissance Festival is only open a few months per year. We hope to create a space that provides community and access to quality artisanal wares all year long. So much of the available online products are mass produced outside of the U.S., and this goes against the philosophy of the Renaissance Festival community. We are on a journey to seek out these beautiful, regional crafts and make them available to people nationwide!

Ben grew up in the Maryland Renaissance Festival and was lucky enough to work for a leathersmithe throughout high school and college. It showed him the quality inherent in a master artisan with a lifetime of experience. Many years later he still treasures the pieces acquired during this time. By day he is the general manager of a New York restaurant.

Melanie is a musician turned business owner and enjoys running her music school in Brooklyn. She came to the Renaissance Festival later in life and is having a blast!

See you at the RenFest!